In Case of Accident

If you have just been in a collision, your first course of action is to ensure your safety and the safety of any others who may have been involved. If possible and when safe to do so, move your vehicle over to the right side of the road, so that other traffic can pass through.

The next step is to exchange information with the other party (or parties). This includes names, licences, vehicle registration / insurance.

Even if you have no damage from the collision, you should still report to us. This will allow us to best service your vehicle.

No matter how serious it is, a vehicle accident is a difficult event to deal with.

Our Collision Centre managers are here to help and will make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. As the only dealership Collision Centre in the area, you can be sure that your vehicle will be repaired to the manufacturer’s standards and will return to you like new.


  • Courtesy Shuttle
  • A complete wash and clean up
  • Mechanical repairs