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Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film XPEL UltimateTM paint protection film is a virtually invisible film applied to high-impact areas that helps prevent unsightly chips and scratches. Protect your vehicle against rocks, oils, bird droppings, bug acids, gravel, salt, tree sap magnesium chloride and rust. Protect just one part of your vehicle or protect it all – the choice is yours! Let our advisors know and we can build the right package to suit your needs. Manitoba’s weather can be tough on your car, truck or SUV. Here are the levels of protection packages you can get for your vehicle. We also offer Ceramic coating, undercoating and rustproofing.


Package Benefits:
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Clearest Protection
  • Self-Healing
  • Stain Resistant
  • Discoloration Resistant
  • Computer Cut Kits
  • Tailored to Fit Your Vehicle
  • Boost Trade-In Value
  • Matches Paint Gloss
  • Wash & Wax as Normal
  • No Special Care Required
  • Protective Clear Coat
Common Questions About PPF:

Can the film be removed?

Yes, the film has a patented adhesive that allows for removal without damaging the paint.

Will my vehicles paint fade or look different when the film is removed?

The paint protected by the film fades at the same rate as the paint left exposed, so there is no difference in appearance after removing the film.

Does the film require special care?

No, special care is not required. Simply wash and wax your vehicle as you have before.

Window Tint

Add protection and comfort to your vehicle. Our XPEL PrimeTM CS window films are designed to make your drive more comfortable, while protecting your vehicle and it’s passengers. Find the right shade and tone that suits you and your vehicle.

Benefits of window tinting include: Reduced glare, Keeps You Comfortable, UV Ray Protection, Crystal Clear Signal, and Looks sleek.

Remote Start

Starting at $499 INSTALLED

Finding the perfect remote starter for your vehicle at a great price is how we can help. We install remote starters into all types of vehicles and can make them work with pre-existing electronics like alarms and immobilizers. All of our remote starters come with a limited warranty and full warranty on the installation.

1-Way Remote Start System: Model Number AS-1780, 1-Way Remote Start System with up to 3,000 feet/914 meters of range

KEY FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: Two 1-way 5-button Super Slim transmitters, Monopole antenna with bright-blue status LED, Multi-vehicle operation, Three auxiliary outputs.

2-Way Remote Start System: Model Number AS-2386TWS, 2-Way Remote Start System with up to 5,200 feet/1,584 meters of range

KEY FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: Multi-vehicle operation, Three auxiliary outputs, 2-way 5-button SST LED transmitter, 1-way 5-button companion transmitter, Easy to use, intuitive button illumination and audible command confirmation.

2-Way LCD Remote Start System: Model Number AS-2482TWS, 2-Way LCD Remote Start System with up to 5,200 feet/1,584 meters of range

KEY FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: 2-way 5-button SST LCD transmitter with micro USB charger port, 1-way 5-button companion transmitter, Multi-vehicle operation, Three auxiliary outputs, Status indicated via alphanumeric and iconic LCD display, User programmable transmitter language (English/French/Spanish), LCD scrolling text display.

Heated Seats

Relax, sit back and warm up with our NEW Carbon Fiber Seat Heaters that are NOW available. Our Carbon Fiber Seat Heaters offer more features to give you additional comfort and temperature control. Unlike other seat heaters we offer constant temperature control that heats up instantly to keep your seat within one degree at all times, even if you’re not sitting down.

Please contact us for pricing.
2 front seats, 3 years warranty

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