Paint Services


Have a paint chip, scratch or are looking for a new look? We use the best technology and products in Manitoba. Our highly advanced spray booths give your car a dirt-free, long-lasting finish. After, prepping and painting the vehicle we apply a clear coat,that we bake onto your vehicle to give the paint durability and a high gloss that will last for the life of your vehicle. In our paint mixing room all the paints are mixed on site with a computer color matching system. This gives us the ability to match your vehicles specific color. We take special pride in our ability to match factory finishes as the final step in the restoration process. If you are looking to repair your vehicles paint book an estimate here.

Want To Protect Your Paint?

Try our Expel Paint protection film! Protect your vehicle against rocks, oils, bird droppings, bug acids, gravel, salt, tree sap magnesium chloride and rust. Protect just one part of your vehicle or protect it all – the choice is yours! Let our advisors know and we can build the right package to suit your needs.